What is Game of Thrones?

and why do I keep seeing it all over Tumblr? What’s so great about?

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  1. realforus answered: everything
  2. natasha-calli answered: Its a high fantasy book series that became a tv series that revolve on politics, intrigue & betrayal. Why don’t you watch it for yourself?
  3. sam-the-wise answered: One of the best shows on television based on a series of books. If you like epic alternative earth history with some fantasy you’ll love it.
  4. iwishiwasfictional answered: Everything.
  5. jokeraddict0 answered: Its a medieval show about several families fighting for the throne. Its a complex story with many twists and turns. A good show in my opinion
  6. peacelove-disney answered: EVERYTHING
  7. littlefallingdiamonds answered: This nerdy show that’s pretty weird…
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